Contracted out: How Maryland school districts do business

The Montgomery County Public Schools board made 2,849 recorded payments above $25,000 from FY2019 to FY2022 to 1,018 total distinct vendors. The school board paid these major vendors a total of $2,430,653,867 over that period.

This data does not contain payments to most local, state and federal government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service or Maryland Board of Education, which are often the top vendor, because of inconsistencies among counties in interpreting the reporting law.

Explore the top 10 recipients of that money below, or browse our database for records from Montgomery County Public Schools.

Top 10 Vendors

Vendor Name Total Amount
Keller Brothers Inc $218,444,190
Dustin Construction Inc $139,524,733
CDW Government Inc $137,636,883
Bank of America $133,742,459
Hess Construction & Engineering Services Inc $131,054,786
American Truck & Bus Inc $69,146,013
Henley Construction Co Inc $59,405,009
JPMorgan Chase Bank $57,464,597
WGL Energy Systems Inc. $51,988,765
Pepco $47,735,646

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Between FY2019 and FY2022, Montgomery County Public Schools paid a combined $218,444,190 to the vendor Keller Brothers Inc, which is the school board's top recipient across all payments.

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Some counties have provided incomplete records. Read about our limitations and methodology here.